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The Awesome Discord Song - Parody Lyrics
Awesome Discord Song (Oogie Boogie's Song)
Parody Lyrics of Oogie Boogie's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas
Well, well, well, what have we here?
Twit Sparkbutt, huh?
Oooo, I'm really scared.
So you're the one Celestia's taken as a student?  Haha!
You're jokin', you're jokin'
I can't believe my eyes
You're jokin' me, you gotta be
This can be the right mare
She's too young, she's sappy
I don't know which is worse
I might just fall apart now
If I do not crack up first
When the God of Chaos says
There's randomness at paw
You'd better pay attention now
'Cause I'm Discord the Awesome
And if you aren't quav'rin'
When there's something wrong
Then this may be the last time now
You'll understand my song, ooooh
[Three Dancing Bufallo]
[Seven Slenderbunnies]
[Seven Slenderbunnies]
He's the cool Dracoequus
Well if I'm feelin' bored
And there nothin' neat to do
I might just cook a special plot
To break a mind or six
And d
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Blockage by Inyuo Blockage :iconinyuo:Inyuo 5,622 533 Double Trouble - Team Rocket by theharmine Double Trouble - Team Rocket :icontheharmine:theharmine 3,135 819
Not okay
The Koopa Troop had always been like this. Always fighting, always surrounded by enemies. If they ever ran out of enemies, they'd just go out and make new ones. That was the way things had always been done. Such was their way.
Kamek knew this better than anyone. He'd seen battle after battle, watched both the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms evolve over the past few decades. He'd already made the rank of Head Magikoopa long before King Morton was crowned and he'd stayed there ever since. When he was younger they called him a prodigy.
Of course, you don't call someone well into their forties a prodigy.
"Brilliant, perhaps," he mused, "Definitely not a prodigy."
He was sitting in his office, leaning over his desk as he filed down the thorns on a small Piranha Plant. It was planted in a pink pot, and it wriggled under the file. "Why not?" it asked, its voice tiny and feminine, but more than a little forceful. "You're more brilliant now than when you were little, right?"
"Obviously," he said. "
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 22 7
Shouldn't have survived... by SelanPike Shouldn't have survived... :iconselanpike:SelanPike 390 106 Human-ish Fawful and Mimi by SelanPike Human-ish Fawful and Mimi :iconselanpike:SelanPike 218 59 KN - Ch.1-1, page 7 by Retro-Specs KN - Ch.1-1, page 7 :iconretro-specs:Retro-Specs 9 30
Everything You Ever- Ch. 8
Chapter eight.
Mimi didn't stick around much longer after they had gotten in. She made Fawful go find her an umbrella and walked down to the exit pipe.
"By the way," she said, turning back to face them before she left. "Fawful, whatever happened to that Midbus guy?"
Not recognizing the name, Cackletta looked to her toady. Fawful looked away and didn't answer Mimi's question.
Mimi shrugged. "I guess it's not important. It was just kind of fun to boss him around. Say 'hi' to him for me if you see him."
Fawful nodded, still not looking Mimi in the eye. "Y-yes."
"Thanks. See you later," Mimi turned and left.
Cackletta waited until Mimi was a safe distance away before she asked, "Who's Midbus?"
Fawful scratched his head, clearly uncomfortable. He paused, as though thinking something over, then said, "Come."
He led Cackletta into a side room. At the back of the room was a giant test tube, its glass walls all fogged over and opaque. Fawful approached a nearby computer console and typed someth
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 9 7
Everything You Ever- Ch. 7
Chapter seven.
That Mimi girl kept hanging around. Cackletta wasn't sure how to feel about it. She'd always worried, when Fawful was younger, that maybe his solitary villain lifestyle was bad for him and that maybe he needed some friends. So she was glad that he had finally befriended someone that seemed near his age, but at the same time, Mimi grated on Cackletta's nerves. The girl was shallow and never shut up, and really didn't seem to like Cackletta any more than Cackletta liked her.
Today had been a rainy day. Mimi, however, came over with a basket in hand and insisted that it was perfect picnic weather. She then proceeded to glare at Fawful until Fawful seemed to remember something. Fawful then excused himself and ran out.
"This is really cool, just wait," Mimi said, "Fawfie's totally awesome, you know."
"Totally too awesome to be a stupid henchman," Mimi grumbled.
Cackletta glared down at the girl. Fawful came running back, soaking wet. "It is indeed being weather which is
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 12 7
Everything You Ever- Ch. 6
Chapter six.
Cackletta was glad that Fawful didn't ask her where she was going. She didn't want to worry him by letting him know that they were being watched. After all, that little bean shop of his was supposed to be a secret, and he really prided himself on that. She didn't want to break his little heart by letting him know that some psychic had figured out his clever hiding place.
Cackletta hadn't recovered enough of her magic yet to cast any sort of invisibility spells, but she did have just enough to pull together a basic perception filter. It would render her impossible to notice to anyone who didn't expect to see her--and surely, no one would expect to catch her walking right into Bowser's castle. Indeed, she walked right past the door guards, trying to hold back a laugh as they exchanged 'did you see anything?' 'no, why?' remarks. She made her way, quite leisurely, down the halls, until she found the door she was looking for. She opened and walked through a door labeled "HEAD M
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 12 7
Everything You Ever- Ch. 5
Chapter five.
Fawful was rearranging boxes in his bean shop when Mimi walked in.
"Hey Fawfie," she said.
"I say greetings," Fawful placed a box on top of another box. "Is not the one who is you supposed to be full of the anger at me?"
"Maybe a little, you jerk," she shrugged and sat down on one of the bean-shaped barstools. "But I thought about it and figured, hey, if the Count ever came back and wanted to hang out with me, I'd probably blow you off too."
"I will be keeping that in mind," Fawful walked over and climbed onto the counter, sitting on it.
"Besides," she said, "I gave you a friendship necklace, you know?" She held up her hand-- she was wearing hers around her wrist, like a bracelet. "I can't just give you one and then never talk to you again."
Fawful cocked his head to the side, then pulled out his own necklace. "Is the necklace of biffles something which is bringing its holders together again?"
"It's supposed to be, I guess," she said.
"Fawful is intrigued," Fawful said.
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 10 4
Everything You Ever- Ch. 4
Chapter four.
Everything seemed so much more vivid now. Cackletta imagined it was probably something like walking outside after being in a dark room for too long; after two years in the Underwhere, every sensation of being alive seemed better than she remembered. Colors were more vivid, sounds more pleasant. Even Fawful's rambling was more bearable now. Everyone should try this, she thought. Being dead had a way of really making one appreciate being alive.
Fawful seemed happy, as always. He was always such a happy child. Despite all his bouts of frustration at a machine that didn't work, or his fury at their enemy, during their time to themselves Fawful was always happy, easily amused. She was relieved to have her loyal toady at her side, smiling at her, praising her every move. Even though she was far from Beanbean shores now, living in a sewer, his presence made her feel like she was finally home.
It was night. All the denizens of the castle had gone to sleep, and the roofs of the ca
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 11 8
Everything You Ever- Ch. 3
Chapter three.
Cackletta was a little taken aback when Fawful started taking her in the direction of Peach's Castle. But he asked her, in his broken sort of way, to trust her, and so she did. He touched down at the rear of the castle and led her through a cramped passage that ended in the sewers. Still trying to trust him, she followed as he led her down to a pipe, pulled the grate off, and motioned for her to go ahead.
He walked in after her and put the grate back on the pipe. She frowned at him.
"Fawful," she said, "Please don't tell me you live in the sewer."
"Fawful is living in the sewer," Fawful said.
Cackletta sighed, rubbing her temples. "I told you not to tell me that."
"Fawful has apology. But," he walked past her, and she followed him. "It does not have such badness! You will be seeing."
"How can it not be bad?" She shook her head, "Here after hearing about the Dark Star thing, I thought you'd really made it. And now you're telling me you live in the sewer, like some... some
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 12 4
Everything You Ever- Ch. 2
Chapter two.
Cackletta leaned back, resting against the wall as she sat on her prison bed. What a ridiculous joke—escaping the figurative prison of the afterlife, only to find herself imprisoned much more literally as soon as she got out. What luck. What awful, miserable luck.
Well, things weren’t all bad, at least. She looked down at her hands. Escaping the Underwhere had gained her a new physical body, just like the old one she used to have before the Mario Brothers came and before she became Bowletta. She would have preferred to receive, perhaps, a younger body, but anything was better than being a shayde.
… but, then, Fawful was a shayde now too, wasn’t he? Everyone had told her he’d died. He’d tried to awaken the Dark Star, but was defeated and died. What could he have been thinking? Surely he should have known better than to toy with such things. She sighed. She tried to comfort herself, at first, by assuring herself that she hadn’t seen Fawful
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 15 14
Everything You Ever- Ch. 1
Chapter one.
Fawful had been doing a lot of sulking as of late. After his failed attempt to absorb the Dark Star and take over the world, he’d spent several weeks just sitting in bed pouting. Eventually he decided that he really ought to get back on his feet again, but he did so with many frowns and grumbles.
Mimi had been coming around a lot lately, too. Maybe she was worried about him or, more likely, she was miffed that he kept rebuffing her attempts to cheer him up. Mimi and Fawful had met by chance one day and she’d decided quite on her own that they ought to be friends—Fawful, of course, was somewhat irked by this. However, he decided that he had too many enemies and too few allies, so he let her keep visiting because he didn’t need one more person after his life.
Today, Mimi had her face pressed up against the glass of a giant test-tube set up in a side room. The tube itself was surrounded by various machines and had all sorts of cables and wires coming out o
:iconselanpike:SelanPike 25 15
Dissidia: Terra + Onion Knight by SelanPike Dissidia: Terra + Onion Knight :iconselanpike:SelanPike 92 15 Bloodless Carnage by Captain-Gamer Bloodless Carnage :iconcaptain-gamer:Captain-Gamer 5 17


There's this NaNaWriMo thing for video games (NaGaDeMo) that I'm working on this month.  To that end, I practiced with a Mario-themed concept.  There's no sound and it's short, but it's complete.  The actual one for the NaGaDeMo will be purely original.

The program I used (Ren'Py) allowed for crossplatform production, so the zip contains Windows, Microsoft, and Linux versions.…

I had fun with this.  I hope that anyone who tries my goofy thing enjoys it too.

By the way, anyone want me to turn the ending images into wallpaper?


Melissa Hearn
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Favourite style of art: Hand drawn, but I like digital too.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Personal Quote: *steals your hat*


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James-Koglin Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
G'day Melissa; did you know that's the same name as my cousin on my father's side? XD Funny coincidence. Anyway; that's not why I'm here.
I'm here; because I've been seeing a lot of your art in my "Nintendo Roleplay" Searches recently; and I'm intruiged. If you have the time; or the enthusiasm to try a new roleplay; I'd be very happy if you were to choose me. I'm a roleplay artist myself; often or not I crituqe others on their roleplay skills; get 'em a little bit of a boost; but I'm not saying I'm better than everyone else; XD Just having fun; helping along the way. I noticed you're a college student; so I won't expectyou to be on often; but if you would just let me know what you think; it'd set my mind at ease. Thanks.
Jaffa6 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hullo, you mentioned "Freeware Folder" on another site, would you possibly have a link to download it?
SladeJT Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's an actual folder on my computer. I posted on that same site a mostly full list of where I have free game downloads.
OnagaKoopa Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You can roleplay super mario?
SladeJT Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I can, but unfortunately I seem to be unable to maintain a hold on a character due to schedule conflicts. Also Weegee's more fun!
OnagaKoopa Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
demonfiren Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011
Come to think about it, I remember you making Minecraft skins a while ago...
SladeJT Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
That I did. Same name on Planet Minecraft, if that's where you're thinking. College and real life stuff interfered however. So I'm just doing stuff whenever I get a chance.
demonfiren Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011
Hm, then I do remember correctly...would you, if you have time, try to make an anthro (as opposed to humanized) skin for Nightmare Moon? All of those I've found so far seem to lack in quality, compared to what I've seen of you.
SladeJT Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Please explain what you mean by Anthro skin. My understanding is that Humanized is basically a human version of the character while Anthro is a bipedal form. The skin I made was the later, but then again it's hard to tell since the non-HD skins are rather limited in size.
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